Wednesday, 7 September 2011

SALMO - Performance fishing lures

Executor 7SDR
7cm/9gm Floating
Diving Depth 1.5m- 3m

Colour - Dace

Colour - Gold Orange Shiner

Colour - Red Head

Salmon 8S
Diving depth 2.0m - 4.0m

Colour Green Tiger

Colour - Orange Tiger

Salmon 8F
Diving Depth  1.5m -3.0m

Colour - Silver Tiger

Colour- Orange Tiger

Frisky 7DR
7cm/9cm Floating
Diving Depth 2.0m-3.5m

Colour Green tiger

Hornet 6F
6cm/10gm Floating
Diving Depth 2.0cm-3.0cm

Colour - Green Tiger

Sting 9SP
9.0cm/10gm Suspending
Diving Depth 1.5m-2.5m

Colour - Clown Metallic Dace

Colour - Black Metallic Bleak

Minnow 9F
9cm/10g Floating
Diving Depth 0.8m-1.2m

Colour - Grey Silver

Zipper 7S
7cm/15g Sinking

Colour - Gold Metallic Orange

Salmo Pop 6

Colour - Carbon Killer

Spitting  Rover 7F
8cm/11gm Floating

Colour - Chrome Black

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